How to use Easyventil ?

Aesthetic – Clean – Quick and easy installation

Aération autonome vide sanitaire et pièce enterrée

It is the ideal solution to enhance ventilation after earth or other backfilling.

  • To ventilate naturally your underfloor space or buried room
  • Adapts itself on a pipe of 100 MM diameter
  • Section of passage of air of 58 cm²
  • Railing positioned in facade
  • Can be painted to become confused in the color of this one
  • Prevent the introduction of insect without reducing the section of passage of the railing of ventilation
système aération easyventil
  • Fits on a 100 mm diameter pipe, (Easyventil female end)
  • No mosquito net to add: the holes are designed so that no insects can pass through
  • No leaves can enter the system and prevent ventilation from occurring

No more various techniques that are sometimes not waterproof, unsightly and cumbersome or too long assembly times !

Aération autonome vide sanitaire et pièce enterrée